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About the University

Rector of SCOLIPE
Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Professor

Tamara Mikhaylova


FSBEI HPO "Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism (SCOLIPE)" - the largest in Russia and abroad institution of higher education in the field of physical culture and sports.

During its existence the SCOLIPE established itself as a leading institution for training highly qualified specialists. During its activity the university has prepared more than 50 thousand specialists pof higher qualification, including about 4 thousand foreign professionals from 115 countries.

Among the university graduates there are over 140 Olympic, European and World champions, e.g. Lev Yashin, Irina Rodnina, Valeriy Kharlamov, Svetlana Zhurova, Pavel Bure, Alexander Ovechkin, Ilya Kovalchuk, Dmitry Bulykin, Dmitry Sychev, Pavel Pogrebnyak, Dmitry Nosov and many others.

A leading place of the SCOLIPE among other sports and physical eduaction profile universities is caused by its high scientific potential and participation in the learning process of the highest caliber teaching staff. Among the faculty members there are Honored Workers of Physical Education, Honored Scientists of the Russian Federation, Honored Workers of Culture of the Russian Federation. Classes are taught by more than 60 Doctors and 80 Professors, academicians and corresponding members of RAE, Honored Workers of Higher School of the Russian Federation, Honored Coaches of the USSR and the Russian Federation, Honored Masters of Sports and Masters of Sports of International class.

The SCOLIPE specialists conduct important trials on theory and methodology of sports training, optimization of high-class athletes preparation to the Olympic Games, World and European Championships. Research efforts are aimed on identifying and implementing in practice of the most effective means, forms and methods of physical, technical, tactical, psychological and theoretical training of athletes.

The scientific team makes a great contribution to the year-round and long-term sports preparation planning rationalization, to the improving of teaching, medical and physiological control during training. Much attention is paid to youth sport, the problems of restoration and increase athletic performance.

Today the SCOLIPE trains about 5 thousand people, including more than 200 foreign students. The structure is presented of 43 departments and masters, postgraduate and doctoral studies. The SCOLIPE includes the Institute of Sport and Physical Education, the Institute of Humanities, the Institute of tourism, recreation, rehabilitation and fitness, the Institute of Scientific and Pedagogics Education.

Also, preparation of specialists is carried out at the Institute of Advanced Training and Professional retraining, the Intersectoral Regional Center of Advanced Training and Professional retraining "Coach high school". On the University's basis are making their activity the Scientific Research Institute of Sport, the Scientific Research Institute of Sports Medicine and the Sports Historical Museum.

Employees of the SCOLIPE Scientific Research Institute of Sport perform work on the integration of science in higher education, develop the innovative methods and technologies and apply them in the field of physical education and sport. In the Scientific Research Institute of Sports Medicine is engaged the introduction of modern technologies in the field of sports medicine to the University educational space.

Pride of the SCOLIPE - Central Branch Scientific Library, one of the largest physical educational and sports libraries in the world. Holdings are more than 650 thousand units. Library is a comprehensive information system aimed at ensuring the educational process and scientific research in the field of physical education and sport, as well as related disciplines.

Sports facilities of the University are unique: 17 specialized halls, track and field arena with artificial turf, 3 shooting galleries, indoor ice rink for ice sports, swimming pool with three tubes, including hopping tube, stadium with a football field and track and field sectors, 10 outdoor and 4 indoor tennis courts, Universal sports and entertainment complex (USEC SCOLIPE), specialized platform for technical sports (racing, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.), climbing wall, Academy of sports and applied arts (ASPE).

The SCOLIPE is a dynamically developing university with a rich history and tradition. Collective of university is constantly striving to conquer new peaks. In spring 2007 the SCOLIPE became a winner among universities, introducing innovative educational programs within the priority national project "Education".

Following the results of the program in the SCOLIPE have been purchased and deployed a laboratory equipment for the scientific and research complex stands, developed new educational programs, modernized University's material and technical base, created multimedia and computer classes, problematic mini-labs etc. All mentioned provides a consistent, comprehensive and qualitative education of the SCOLIPE graduates.

With the victory of Sochi in the struggle for the right to host the 2014 Olympic Games for our country have opened great prospects, and in front of the University stood the important and specific tasks. In particular, the SCOLIPE will prepare professionals who become part of the big Olympic team OF athletes, coaches, managers, journalists, etc.

Today the SCOLIPE cooperates with employers - government, public and commercial organizations representatives. Among them, the Ministry of Sports of Russia, the Russian Olympic Committee, sports federations, fitness clubs («World Class», «Planet fitness», «Gold Gym»), the media (TV, periodicals, radio, Internet - Publishing) , travel agencies, etc.

High theoretical and practical training level of university graduates guarantees them employment on a specialty in a prestigious job.

The SCOLIPE graduates are demanded across globe: to this day there is a real fight for our coaches and teachers - they are being waited in any organization.


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